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Do you currently have an existing chimney breast?

If the answer is yes it will need to be swept and lined prior to a stove being installed. Lining the chimney will allow the stove to operate more efficiently and provide protection against lethal carbon monoxide gases.

If you do not have an existing chimney a prefabricated flue system can be installed internally or externally.


Do I need a permanent air supply?

A larger stove over a 5kW output will require a permanent air supply. Some stoves will have a direct air supply built in for air tight properties or for customers who prefer not to have an air supply fitted to an outside wall.


Do I need to buy a Wood or Multifuel stove?

You can buy a wood burning only stove or a multi-fuel stove that will burn wood and coal. Well manufactured stoves will allow you to burn multi fuels on a grate that allows you to switch between wood and coal.


Wood moisture content

Dry wood is best. The moisture content should be less than 20%. The wetter the wood the more smoke it will produce and the more tar that will build up in the flue. The appliance will then become less efficient and even dangerous.

Will I save money on my energy bills?

Wood burning stoves have become more popular in the last few years the main reasons are a stylish edition to your home as well as saving money on your energy bills. Wood can cost as little as 1p per kilowatt hour (kWh) and if you’re a fortunate enough you can source it for free. Mains gas is around 4.8p per kWh see a 5kW stove that is used for most days in winter would save around £155 per year (assuming the wood is purchased) a larger 8kW stove used daily could save £350 per year.

If you would like more information on our woodburning stove installation service, please contact us.

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